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Posted 7 August 2015
Chemical Alley Discharge to be released September 25 at Cork Grinders
Our first full-length in ten years, and first ever professional studio project, will be released to the public in our home town of Baytown, Texas, with the home coming of somewhat of a local legend: Ron Reeder. Other guests to be announced.

Posted 29 June 2015
Album is being mixed, and cool show coming up
We have mixed two of our new songs and will hopefully nail the rest this week, which means the album is coming along right on schedule! Also, we'll be playing in Baytown on August 22nd with Otonana Trio from Japan! I have seen them two times now and they put on an outstanding performance. It's going to be a fun show. There will probably be one more local act opening the show at Corkgrinders. Hope to see lots of bright and shiny faces, and who knows, maybe it will end up being our CD release party...

Posted 25 May 2015
Chemical Alley Discharge
We basically took 2014 off, but we are scheduled to record new music in a professional studio June 12-13 of this year. New shows and release date to follow.

Posted August 8th 2013
What the Fest 2!
View press release here. All other press material at the press page
Our tenth anniversary show is fast upon us! Please visit the Facebook page at this link and RSVP! We will be joined by The Snow Indian and 500 Megatons of Boogie, as well as one more band to be announced!

Roll that beautiful poster footage (click it to go to the event page):

Full size poster (not for print)

Posted April 14 2013
Another hiatus before we turn 10
If you read 2012's year-end review below, you will notice a little problem we had last year in getting one of our members to come to two Houston shows, both of them seemingly attributed to the fact that he lived in San Marcos. Now that he lives in Baytown again, we still had the same problem last night at Notsuoh. This time we did not drop the show, and coincidentally it turned out to be one of the best and funnest in recent memory. We will now stop playing, as we did about this time last year, until our anniversary/birthday show, which will be on the same date that it was in 2003, September 28th, but even better, this year it falls on a Saturday rather than a Sunday. [UPDATE: show will take place at Notsuoh!] Either way, it will hopefully be a special occasion. Just for clarity, I will not be scheduling any Drafted shows AFTER the 10 year anniversary, either. I won't call it a farewell show, but it will be an indefinite hiatus. We may just play on our anniversary every year for what I will presumably still call: What the Fest. Check back this summer for details on What the Fest II: The Drafted Turns 10 (and moves the f*** on!)

Posted Jan 2, revised Jan 3, 2013
The Drafted's 2012 year in review (by Craig
The Drafted started out 2012 by playing a show with my newer band, Gut Radio, with a special headlining guest: The HATES! That was a really fun show, and the first time The Drafted ever played at Rudyard's. A few weeks later we played alongside some really cool punk bands from all over the place at Super Happy Funland, thanks to our new friends in No Love Less, who we later brought to Cornerstone. Soon after the SHFL show we played two shows in San Marcos, both of which were great experiences; the first San Marcos show of 2012 was around Spring Break at the half time of Unicycle Football and we played to a very receptive audience. We returned there in April and played at the Triple Crown with some really good bands (one of them being Charger Fits which was a blast from the good old days past), and again, got a nice crowd response.

We thought that gig was going to translate into some summer shows in San Antonio and College Station but it didn't turn out that way unfortunately. We hosted No Love Less in Baytown on May 12th (kind of a dead show due to being prom night, wtf!?) and were supposed to play with them again at SHFL the following week but for one of the first times I can remember, we dropped off the show. One of our members was stuck in San Marcos with no gas money, which coincidentally happened also at the previous SHFL show in January, but at such short notice we weren't able to get a sub. After that I decided not to book any Drafted shows for the summer and decided to focus on booking our 9th anniversary show in September, which I ended up calling What the Fest. When that show finally came to fruition, it was a special experience enjoyed by all (pretty nice sized crowd, if I may boast); a show which ran on time and where you could actually hear the vocals! At Cornerstone!! Chocolate Fetus played their farewell set to close out that show and it was spectacular.

October was show-less as it has been traditionally in Drafted land, but for no particular reason. The annual Hometown Hoedown at Walter's was a fun show, but was grossly under-attended (again, due to larger, more heavily promoted events occuring simultaneously). That show somehow, and for reasons still unbeknownst to any of us, led to us getting asked to open a show with Morning Glory, and was the first show we'd ever played for Hatetank Productions, which was an honor. It was also the first show we had played at Walter's that wasn't the Hometown Hoedown! Our last show of the year was another big special show: Last Ride In's 10th birthday show. Shane Hopper and Adam Brinkley set that up at the bowling alley in Baytown and needless to say, it was an unforgettable show. Thanks to everyone who has booked us and checked us out in the last year.

We had a lot of new experiences in 2012 and we are excited to be turning ten years old ourselves this year! Here's to 2013; here's to Christian Arnheiter of the Hates who is just a sweet down to earth guy; here's to Mike Dauzat of the Hates who has nothing but nice things to say about The Drafted and came out to see us at a really bad show at Dean's; here's to David Ensminger of No Love Less, and now the Hates and more; here's to the fine folks of San Marcos, Texas; here's to Charger Fits, two of whom were in a band called Rated R Kids who played with us at our FIRST SHOW EVER; here's to Bob Weber, former Really Red/Anarchitex/No Love Less drummer (and Houston punklegend) who recently retired from drumming and is a really fun guy to chat with; here's to Mark, the owner of Cornerstone who still has faith in my shows; here's to Scott Gray who continues to book us at the Hoedown each year; here's to Willow of Hatetank Productions who gave us a shot; here's to Shane and Adam; thank you all!

January 14th at SHFL, great success
All the bands (Opposable Thumbs, Sparrowhawk, The Biscuit Bombs, No Love Less, Say Revenge!, and Here Holy Spain) did excellent. This was said about us by Mr. E, the man who put this show on, "The Drafted blew away the SHFunland crowd with their nimble licks, guitar tricks, and battered sticks! Thanks for the fun fun fun!" Very good night for us.

Thursday, January 5th 2012
If you've never had a chance to see Houston's first and longest lasting punk rock band, this would be an excellent opportunity. The superb sound of the upstairs room at Rudyard's will give you the best environment for The Hates' and all the bands' lively and meaningful music. Learn all about the Hates at www.thehates.com.
Rudyard's British Pub
2010 Waugh Dr
Houston, Texas, 77006
with THE HATES and Gut Radio
Event page:
THE HATES @ Rudyard's with Gut Radio & The Drafted!

Event flyer

Rylan's Reunion Show
October 15th, 2011 at Cornerstone was one of our most fun shows ever, since the "glory days" of 2006. Probably not a coincidence considering the occasion. Our band is basically all back together again, despite Omeed living three hours away in San Marcos. Speaking of that, we've got a show there in November! We'll be playing at the annual Hometown Hoedown in Houston about five days later too. This has turned out to be one of our best years as far as shows. Not in quantity but pure QUALITY, and it ain't over yet!
-posted Oct. 25, 2011

June 26th Mangos show was a success
We had a great time on the 26th out on Westheimer, made a lot of new friends. We will be back at Mango's on August 19th with The Hates, Gutter Rats, and many more! We should have band new shirts at that show as well.

Sunday, June 26th @ Mango's: Houston Against The War(s) benefit show!
with Delta Block, PFK, Chocolate Fetus and more!
Facebook event page
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