The Drafted are:

Craig Stanley - Lead vocals and guitar

Aaron Hughes - Drums and backing vocals

Rylan Felder - Bass guitar

John MacDonald - Guitar and backing vocals

The Drafted are from Baytown, Texas and they established themselves in 2003 as a trio with Craig Stanley on guitar and vocals, Ben Gotcher on bass, and Omeed Tabrizi on drums. While most young bands were emulating My Chemical Romance and Fallout Boy at the height of the Emo era, Craig was writing music reminescent of early 80s hardcore bands like Dead Kenneys and Minor Threat. Early in 2004 they added a fourth member, Aaron Hughes, who played drums while Omeed switched to guitar. The following year Ben was replaced by Rylan Felder on bass. It was at this time that they recorded their first full-length on their new friends' DIY label Lower Records in Baytown. In the year following this first release they enjoyed much popularity in their home town. The biggest fan favorites of that first album were "Don't Get Me Wrong," "1,000 Dead," and "Bull Fighter," the latter of which would continually serve as the band's closing song for live performances.

In 2006 Craig went off to college in New Orleans to study music and Rylan went into the Navy and was eventually stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. The band continued playing shows, however. In Rylan's absence, they brought on their friend Daniel Rideaux to play drums while Aaron covered the bass. Craig would drive in from New Orleans to play shows, and about once or twice a year Rylan was able to perform with the band. In the summer of 2007, Aaron, Craig, and Omeed went to Austin and recorded four songs for a Lower Records split with Last Ride In called "Rise Like a Phoenix." It was released that September in Baytown at a venue called Cornerstone, where the band would play periodically for a number of years afterword.

While at college in New Orleans, Craig was studying jazz and began to integrate that sound into the Drafted's new music. Jazz-punk songs like "Killing Spree," "Beautiful Recession," and "Nancy Grace" were written during Craig's days in New Orleans. The former two songs were recorded by Omeed in Baytown and also San Marcos (where Omeed began schooling in 2011) and were released only in demo form, along with other songs like "I Hate Rick Perry," "Don't Attack Iran," "Cochabamba," and "City Hipsters." Craig graduated and moved back to Baytown in the summer of 2010. For most of that year, Aaron was back on drums while another friend, Chris Lopez, filled the bass spot. The following year, Chris moved to Austin, and Daniel was brought back on to sub until Rylan moved back to Baytown around October 2011.

Between 2011-2012 Craig and Rylan were back in Texas and Omeed was studying at Texas State University in San Marcos. The Drafted played dozens of shows during this period, in Baytown, Houston, Lufkin, and San Marcos, Texas. Omeed eventually left Texas State and came back to Baytown.

In 2013 Rylan went to Austin for school, and the band played only four shows, celebrating their 10th anniversary of existence on September 28th, 2013 at Notsuoh in downtown Houston, joined by their friends in The Snow Indian, and 500 Megatons of Boogie. After this show, Craig made a decision to put the band on indefinite hiatus for personal reasons.

Most of 2014 was dormant for The Drafted, until they were asked to play at the annual Hometown Hoedown punk show on Thanksgiving weekend in Houston by their friend Scott Gray. Omeed had moved to San Diego at this point and declined to play the show. John MacDonald was asked to fill in as a sub and was subsequently adopted into the band as Omeed's replacement. The response the audience gave to the Drafted's performance inspired Craig to consider reviving the band.

In 2015, after a sudden onslaught of new songwriting by Craig, The Drafted entered a professional studio for the first time, recording eleven new songs at Sound Arts Recording with a veteran sound engineer, Brian Baker. These new songs deviated somewhat from the jazz-punk fusion sound (with the slight exceptions of "Drop Dead Fred" and "Nancy Grace") and took the band to a new level of hardcore punk, and delved into other styles like Powerviolence. These new songs focused on local issues, such as the San Jacinto River waste pits discussed in "Dioxin Pit."

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